Kettlesing Felliscliffe CP School
Crag Lane
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Federation of Beckwithshaw, Kettlesing-Felliscliffe and Ripley Endowed Primary Schools Consultation on Academisation of Kettlesing-Felliscliffe Primary School Communication on Academisation of Beckwithshaw and Ripley Endowed 11th May, 2022 Dear Parents and Carers, We wrote to you at the end of last term detailing the situation around the future of the three way Federation schools of Beckwithshaw, Kettlesing- Felliscliffe and Ripley Endowed. This followed three communication evenings where you had the opportunity to meet with the Interim Executive Board (IEB) who discussed plans for improvement. As we explained then, and in our previous letter, Beckwithshaw and Ripley Endowed are obliged to become academies, by law, following their Ofsted Inspections. Kettlesing-Felliscliffe is under no such order as its judgment is historically ‘good’. We are currently progressing discussions with Elevate Multi–Academy Trust who are continuing to carry out their due diligence process on our Federation schools. The signs continue to be positive, and we are hoping that their application to the DfE will be formalised shortly. I must reiterate that Academisation is now a matter of law for Beckwithshaw and Ripley Endowed. At the same time, the IEB also must make a decision about the future of Kettlesing-Felliscliffe School, and this letter and accompanying papers form the first part of the consultation process with parents and staff. We wish to seek your views on, and your support for, our proposal about Kettlesing- Felliscliffe. We recommend strongly that it should convert into the Elevate Multi–Academy Trust alongside Ripley and Beckwithshaw. As the IEB is responsible for all three Federation schools, it is our aim to ensure that they all continue to be happy and safe places for the children and for school leaders and staff to work as a Federation team. We aim to see them together develop a strong and effective curriculum which contributes to a high-quality education for your children. We believe that the best way for this to happen is for the schools to continue to work closely together as a Federation, in a supportive, ambitious, and sustainable way. We will be holding a consultation meeting for the Kettlesing-Felliscliffe Community – parents, staff and interested parties on Monday 16th May at 6.30pm in the Village Hall. Parents, staff, and community members from the other two schools, Beckwithshaw and Ripley Endowed are also invited to attend, but for them the meeting will be a communication session rather than a consultation as the decision on those schools has already been made by operation of law. This is the first time the IEB has held a joint meeting for all three communities and is indicative of the fact that we regard all working together – children, staff, parents, Governors, and communities as a high priority in the successful future of our schools. Please can you reply to the parent form, which will be sent out via Parent Mail, to indicate your attendance. For further correspondence, please contact: Yours sincerely, Robert Ling IEB Chair