The teaching of MFL (French) enables pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to speakers accordingly, both in speech and writing. It should also provide practical and real-life scenarios for pupils to practise another language.


To foster a curiosity for learning another language.

To learn about French speaking countries and their cultures.

To develop their knowledge in order to instil a confidence in understanding and speaking a language.

Key Stage One

MFL is not a requirement in Key Stage One, however pupils in Key Stage One still have the opportunities to practise speaking and listening in another language. This involves basic counting (1-10), greetings, basic classroom instructions and part of the body. All of this is done verbally in Key Stage One, giving them the foundations to build upon in Key Stage Two.

Key Stage Two

Pupils progress from the spoken French they have learnt in Key Stage One. More numbers are learnt, pupils ask how others are and say how they are and begin to understand and respond to a range of familiar spoken words and short phrases. They will also join in the retelling / playing of a familiar story, song, rhyme or poem using gestures or by saying key words and phrases.

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